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Stephen Shields

Stephen Shields

Stephen Shields

Die Glocke, The Battle For Time.

A Film Concept by Stephen Shields

Die Glocke is a historical science fiction, alternative history and suspense-thriller film concept based on true-life events and popular conspiracy theories.  Read the concept behind the Die Glocke story.  more >>

The Countdown Has Begun.

The Countdown Has Begun.

The Countdown Has Begun.

The Countdown Has Begun.

The Countdown Has Begun.

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Sequence of events >>


The events that created the Die Glocke story.

A series of extraordinary events took place in the early Twentieth Century. The combined circumstances of a UFO crash in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler's lust for power delivered an opportunity for the defeated Third Reich to turn the tide of war into their favor and to change the course of world history. The events that took place were classified as top-secret. 

Hitler believed the only hope for victory was to advance his scientist's discoveries revealed from the recovered extraterrestrial craft. His scientists understood that the one top-secret project in development for over eight years and close to completion could deliver the power their Führer demanded.

Die Glocke, German for "The Bell," was a fifteen-foot tall bell-shaped German-made craft, driven by an advanced antigravity and free energy propulsion system. Die Glocke would have the ability to warp the fabric of space and time. When fully operational, Germany's high command planned its first and only mission. SS General Hans Kammler, the head of Germany's advanced weapons program, Wunderwaffe, would guide the craft into the past and alter the world's future.

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The concept behind Die Glocke, The Battle For Time.

We all know time as a constant and unmovable force of which we cannot escape. We live it. The concept of time is altogether fascinating. While most people think of time as a constant, physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is an illusion; it is relative — it can vary for different observers depending on your speed through space. 

Stephen Shields, Die Glocke’s Creator



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A UFO crashes in Germany.

1936: A UFO crashed near the town of Freiburg in a remote area of Germany's Black Forest. 

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The Nazis began reverse-engineering the alien technology.

The recovery of the craft became the genesis for Germany's advanced weapons program, Wunderwaffe. The Nazi studies of the craft proved successful, and over time, they started realizing discoveries and advanced technologies that were considered seemingly impossible.

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Post-war U.S. interrogations revealed continuing top-secret Nazi plans.

1946: At the end of WWII, the U.S. created Operation Paperclip. The mission's goal was to capture German scientists for their knowledge of advanced technologies. U.S. intelligence interrogators uncovered the German's top-secret project Die Glocke and how S.S. General Hans Kammler transported the prototype and scientists to a secret military base in Antarctica to bring the craft fully-operational. When completed Die Glocke would be able to transcend time, past, and future. If their information were accurate, the craft would be considered the most lethal weapon the world has known.

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The Nazis recovered an extraterrestrial craft.

The Nazis located the crash site, recovered an alien craft, and transported it to a top-secret German research facility in Poland.

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Die Glocke was secretly transported to Antarctica.

1945: SS General Kammler devises a plan to stop Die Glocke and other experimental technologies from falling into enemy hands. A U-Boat secretly transports Die Glocke to a remote German base in Antarctica, so work on the craft could continue and completed.

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US military deployed Operation Highjump

After piecing together mounting evidence, U.S. intelligence had reason to believe the Third Reich still existed, and the German’s were engineering a superweapon at a secret base in Antarctica.  The U.S. creates Operation Highjump and sends a task force of ships, planes, and 4500 marines to locate the enemy and destroy them.

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The mission to assassinate.

Day's before Operation Highjump reached Antarctica, German scientists completed Die Glocke. Kammler's mission was set in motion. He would use Die Glocke to travel back into time as an assassin, kill his targets and alter the world's future. U.S. recon planes locate the German base and land their troops.

The Nazis would sacrifice everything to advance their mission, to own time.

Hitler's Thousand-Year Reich began crumbling. Between 1942 and 1944, the war shifted against Germany. In the final year of World War II, Germany realized defeat was imminent.


In his desperation to turn the tide of the war back into his favor, Hitler began investing Germany's remaining resources into a top-secret military advanced weapons program called "Wunderwaffe" German for "Wonder Weapon." Hitler ordered his top scientists to accelerate their progress to crack the alien technology codes and create advanced propulsion and other systems to weaponize and use to their advantage in their fight against the Allies.

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