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  • Die Glocke's story begins in the present, 1936 Germany, when an alien craft crashes in a remote forest. Soon after, the concepts of time and space are explored.



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At a young age, Stephen Shields recognized his passion for creativity in fine art and visual communications. Shields expanded his talent into graphic design and branded communications. He started a creative boutique shop, where he excelled in both the creative and strategic sides of branding. Over his long career, his work has been highlighted in industry publications and awarded for his creativity over one hundred times.

Some years back, Stephen hired a copywriter. The writer bowed out at the last minute before beginning his work. Stephen wrote the copy. He realized writing was fun and a different and formidable aspect of creativity. After completing his first book, Anne Bonny, he started writing his second historical fiction novel, Peak XV. As a duel-timeline story, Peak XV takes place in Ancient Nepal at the birth of Siddhartha (later known as The Buddha). The story follows Siddhartha's early life as the crown prince and heir to his father's throne.

Peak XV is also loosely based on two early Twentieth-century British mountaineers, George Mallory, and Andrew Irvine, and their infamous Mount Everest expedition. Peak XV weaves the past and presents how Mallory's expedition inadvertently conjures the dark past and ancient Nepali death curse. Shields used Peak XV's story to author his first screenplay. He is pursuing adapting Peak XV as a limited series to the screen.

Taking his creativity further, Shields expanded his latest film concept, "Die Glocke, The Battle For Time."

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